Raspberry Pi using VNC

We’ll continue setup by reaching the desktop of Raspberry PI on the computer we’re using. For this we need VNC (virtual network computing) software like RealvNC. Can be downloaded from realVNC viewer.

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Here, we need to setup the VNC option on our Raspberry PI. For this, we first update the operating system of Raspberry PI by entering sudo apt-get update  at the putty terminal.

This command checks for any updates and if there is any update present , it will download and update on your raspberry pi.

Then we need to install VNC server and VNC Viewer on Raspberry PI. For this we need to enter this command sudo apt-get install realvnc-vnc-server realvnc-vnc-viewer  on putty.

This command will install the VNC  on your Raspberry Pi.

When the VNC installed in raspberry then we need to enable VNC server on raspberry pi for this we use this comand sudo raspi-config on putty.

Select Interfacing Options and then select the VNC from list.

After selecting VNC press YES to Enable the VNC after pressing YES you will get a confirmation message tahat is  VNC is enabled.

Now, that we have enabled VNC of Raspberry PI, now we are ready to start our final step. Open the VNC Viewer that we have downloaded before and enter and enter the IP address of Raspberry PI in the address bar.

You’ll get a warning message from VNC Viewer and just click On Continue. Then the VNC Viewer asks for username and password. If you haven’t changed them using raspberry PI’s configuration settings before then enter the username as PI and password as raspberry.

Congratulation you have successfully access the raspberry pi desktop using VNC.

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